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Designated Survivor

I so wanted this show to be great!  I love the premise and wish I had thought of it myself for a novel or TV show.  The US Capitol has been bombed during the State of the Union address, and all of the Congress members, along with the president and vice present, are dead.  Wow!  That is such a great start to political thriller!

So, eagerly, I started watching the show.  I gotta admit, I also like Keifer Sutherland.  I loved him in the movie "Lost Boys" (go watch it!  It is a great vampire movie that will make you wonder why you watched the Twilight series!).  He was great in the movie "Young Guns".  Come on!  These were classics when I was a kid!  So, for me, if you put Keifer Sutherland in a movie or TV show, I'm going to at least check it out.

And honestly, he is the highlight of this show.  He serves up another great performance in a TV show that is just not there.  His acting is great as a reluctant president.  His chemistry with his on-screen wife is great.  Yet, that is the only thing that really is interesting to me in this rather dull TV show.

I don't know what it is about this show, honestly.  There is action.  Check.  There is intrigue.  Check.  There are twists and subplots.  But for some reason, it doesn't come together.  It is rather predictable, too.  I don't want to give away too much, but there are scenes in which I groaned out loud and stopped watching because I thought to myself, "yeah, I saw that coming."

For some reason, it just falls flat.  A reviewer probably should be able to tell you why, and I wish I knew why so that I could write them a letter on what I think they can do to make the show a hit (like they would listen to me anyways), but it just didn't catch my attention.  So, I'm on some episode in I don't know what season, and I really don't care if I don't watch the next episode.

Sorry, Keifer.  I'll try to rewatch "Young Guns" and "Lost Boys" to remind me why you are so cool.

PS:  I never really got into "24". My friends did, but I thought they were boring too.  Maybe for the same reasons?

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