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Novels by Christensen Low

***due to copyright issues, these works must be requested.  I will put some of my writing on this website.  Though, if you wish to read something of mine more fully, please contact me for a "reviewer's copy".  Thanks!

Storms from the North Poster-aircraft.jpg

Storms from the North

Seoul is on fire.

When the Third Korean War starts, Professor Williams, a Christian pacifist, must choose between his loyalty to his wife and her family or escape. Can he remain a pacifist in this season of war? Daniel, a Korean-American, feels a strong connection to his parents’ homeland and struggles with the decision to stay or go. And when he meets someone in the rubble, love further complicates his resolution. Joy thinks fleeing an abusive family is the bravest thing she’s ever done, but what lies ahead forces her into a situation far more dangerous than anything she’s ever faced. Abandoned and on the run, she rushes into the clutches of an apocalyptic cult.

Follow the journeys of these three as they face the ultimate test of life or death on the Korean Peninsula during the Third Korean War.With intense scenes of survival and personal dilemmas, Storms from the North, Book 1 of the Sunlight Series, will keep you on the edge of your seat. Don’t miss the start of the nail-biting adventures filled with loyalty, bravery, faith, and sacrifice. Get your copy today.​


Sunlight Under a Korean Shadow: Thunder in the Morning Calm

The second book in the Sunlight Under a Korean Shadow series.  We continue to see the lives of these three group of foreigners further entwine.  One member becomes lost in the system of POW prisons set up while another must kill in order to save her friend.

Nest Eggs

Maria's father has passed away.  Instead of a nice inheritance that she can put in the bank, her father has promised her "untold riches" if she can follow the clues to it.  After finishing her father's video will, she begins a journey of adventures and self-discovery.  Though, she quickly finds out that she is not the only one who is on the hunt for the treasure.
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