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This is not an exhaustive list of all the poems I have had published in various formats over the years.  A few times, I was published in small formats, and sadly, I did not collect those after they were printed.

Papyrus Literary Magazine


While I was at Jesse H. Jones Vanguard High School, we students created a literary magazine from start to finish.  The submissions were judged by student committees that voted on which ones should be included in the publication.  Nine of my poems were selected.

There is no internet presence for this literary magazine.  If you wish to see the submissions, please contact me.

In 1995, my undergrad, Tarleton State University, started publishing a student literary magazine that is still running.  This year, three of my poems were included.  In total, nineteen of my poems were published from 1995-1999 (1999 being the last year I could submit).  Please click on the picture to the left for a look at this publication.

Anthology (1995, volume 1)

Anthology (1996, volume 2)

In the second volume of the Anthology, four of my poems were chosen.  Please click on the picture for the link to this year's edition.

In this volume, six of my poems were included.  As one can probably tell, at this point in my life, I was mainly just writing poetry.  I had some novels and shorts stories in the works, and I was writing for the student newspaper.  Though, my main creative outlet was poetry.

The Tarleton Anthology website does not include my submissions for this volume.  There is an abbreviated list of other works, but mine were not included.  If you wish to see my entries, please contact me.

Anthology (1997, volume 3)

Another six of my poems were printed in this volume.

For some reason, four of the poems were put online but not two of them.  Please click on the picture to the left to see four of them.  If you wish to see the other two, please contact me.

Anthology (1998, volume 4)

Another two of my poems were accepted into this volume.  In case anyone is keeping track, I graduated in 1998 but was able to submit my work before this volume's deadline.

None of the entries were digitized and put online, so if you wish to see the ones that entered this volume, please contact me.

Anthology (1999, volume 5)

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