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Poems by Christensen Low

***due to copyright issues, these works must be requested.  I will put some of my writing on this website.  Though, if you wish to read something of mine more fully, please contact me for a "reviewer's copy".  Thanks!

Surprised by Grace

This is a collection of my poetry that I wrote from 1985-2015.  30 years!  Wow!  In total, I have over 1,000 poems, and I selected the best to put in this book.  You can find it for sale on amazon with the link below.  Though, if you would like to read it for free and provide me a review, please send me a message!

I have put a number of my poems on my facebook page called "Christensen's Poetry" (  Below, you can read a few of my poems.  Please contact me if you would like to read more and help me to get these circulated.  Thanks!

picture taken by my uncle, Carl Schaer

Final Goodbye

[written at a writers’ workshop from the prompt “wish you had said”]

her lips crackled
into a dream incoherent
ready for eternity
ready for rest

unable to bring wind past pipes
to whisper her last rites
just moans of pain
that wanted to end

and I stood by
her death bed

a son lost
without his mom

and my throat was dry
having wasted water
on salty puddles
collecting near the rubber wheels

I was not ready for silence
for phone calls to go dead
for holidays to be empty of your voice
to yearn to hear your advice

I was not ready

and I knuckled myself to the door
and opened my mouth
wishing I could shout
“stay longer”.

nostalgic bones


scattered behind
like jagged pieces of pottery
sucking the moisture from the air
lie bones

I rush back
whenever the forward fast
lets me


I grab jaws of lost companions
push air through grinning teeth
hunger for them to resuscitate
if just for a moment
revive those memories


come back!
remember times together!
put flesh and flower
back onto dried calcium
and return to me


but the desert has taken them
stripped them of any connective tissue
and they clatter to the ground


they lie in state
in the attic of my life
precious companions
but bleaching away
in the fading sun.

New Wine
written just one minute before 2017

sip gently
race not your heart
hold onto the wine press
and cork the old bottle for later use

because the wedding party cannot last
it too will slip into history

but this time with you
worth eternity.

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