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Short Stories by Christensen Low

***due to copyright issues, these works must be requested.  I will put some of my writing on this website.  Though, if you wish to read something of mine more fully, please contact me for a "reviewer's copy".  Thanks!

The Brighter Sun

***winner of the FWIS 2017 Short Story Writing Contest***
Hayeon Choi's worries were already piling up like the rays of the rising sun.  She had gone to the pre-dawn service at her church to beseech God for His mercy.  Her daughter was in the hospital for a potentially life-threatening illness while her good-for-nothing son-in-law was too "busy" to take care of his wife and daughter.  Even her husband was too "busy" to help - and was possibly too "busy" cheating on her.  But putting that aside, she greeted her granddaughter with a smile and a warm breakfast.  The day must start. Though, in the course of this unwinding and troublesome day, she will find a way to finally release her worries.

On the Fence

Keedae had the lonely job of walking the fence between North and South Korea.  Late one night, he is startled by a sound coming from the no-man's land.  With his gun pointed in the direction of the sound, he shouts, "come forward!"  From the shadows, a figure he knows emerges.

The Betrayal

Amanda knew her husband had cheated on her.  She had proof!  A photo of him with another woman.  Though, when the predictable denials come, she is left confused and needing to find out for sure!

Notes from Outer Space

Captain Evgeniya Zemlyanaya has become the first woman in space.  This triumph will bring prestige to both her family and her country.  Though, she must first make it back to earth safely.  With the crude guidance system refusing to work well, she must wriggle her body around in a space smaller than a wardrobe and figure out how to fix the space ship before it enters Earth's atmosphere.

Hard Landing in Seoul

Peter Hardin has just landed in Seoul for a summer of teaching and adventure. Though, his excitement in finding out that he will teach at a women's university is quickly dampened by a series of confusing circumstances that will leave him in tears.
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