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POEM: Wood Splinters

***I'm completely demoralized this week, so I wrote this poem to help me deal with the emotions and to also set my heart on Jesus.

Wood Splinters

The waves thrash

This trivial boat

Hurling and beating

The salt water

Into open cracks

Pouring down into the seams


And broken

Cold winds hammering

The ribs and the masts

Shredding them

And making them useless

Wooden beams splintering

And forcing shards deep

I am ready to jump

To capsize

To sink

To feel the embrace of the water

Plummet to the bottom

And hope for a warm refuge

To walk away from this

And forget about the surge

To find safe harbor

In some other clime

But I stand on the edge

Waves rushing up to meet me

And look out to find You

Hoping I can trust

That I will be able to walk

Instead of sink.

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