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What I’m reading now

Updated: Mar 29, 2018

Won't this post just keep changing every few weeks or so? I mean, I'm constantly picking up different books, stopping in the middle to pick up another and, possibly, coming back to finish the books I'm reading. I don't read in a very linear or determined way, actually. I tend to have about three to four books that I am in different stages of reading, and surprising to me as well, I can read one book over a few months or one month and even leave it unfinished for a while and come back to it a year later. I have an odd way of reading sometimes. But when a book gets its hooks into me, I often will read it like it is the only form of entertainment on a deserted island.

Right now, right now, I'm reading "What to Expect When You are Expecting". Well, honestly, I stopped reading that one for a bit because I found out that it was written by one person who has little background in child psychology, OBGYN or any field related to child bearing (except that she is a mom of two kids). For me, that is like reading a book on computers written by a dentist who dabbles in fixing their one computer at home. Possibly, they can have an informed opinion, but they really cannot be trusted. So, I have just recently stopped reading that book...until I can check with my dad, who is a pediatrician, about its trustworthiness.

I am also reading this other book called "First Destiny" by David S. Clarke. It's okay. I like the end-of-the-world genre, so it keeps my attention. Though, the characters and plot seem a bit unrealistic. It is a bit more optimistic than "The Road", so at least it doesn't get me into a funk.

I started reading "The Origin of Things, Or, How the Hour Got Its Minutes" because I have a physical copy of that. Most of my reading now is online, but my wife and I do "no-tech nights" on Sunday nights. So, I'm half-way through this booklet.

Besides that, I have checked out a few other books like "The Handmaiden's Tale". Honestly, that hasn't gotten my attention yet (sadly, because I love the TV show!). And I'm eager to check out "Confessions of Nero".

So, for now, I'm not really into any books where I am just non-stop reading them. I wish I was! Any suggestions?

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